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Steve Soto's Top 5

Photo by Keith May1. THE MIDDLE CLASS "The intensity of the "Out of Vogue" single (1978) made the Pistols sound tame. They took punk rock to a new and more dangerous place."

2. THE CROWD "OC's first pop-punk band. Their contribution to Beach Blvd.makes it the best punk compilation to this day."

3. THE CADILLAC TRAMPS "The best live shows I've seen in OC."

4. TSOL "Going to see TSOL in the old days was always exciting because you knew things would end up out of control. Some things never change."

5. SOCIAL DISTORTION "Don't blame Mike Ness for all those sleeved guys in wifebeaters with grease in their hair (or the kid from Good Scarlet, for that matter). He never wanted to be a role model. He just wanted to make some good punk records (which he did) and maybe sleep with your girlfriend."


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