Nazis Invade La Habra!

Another gathering of Nazi nuts, white-supremacist cretins, and the racist rock bands that love them is set to go off this Saturday night. But for a change, this fascist fest will not be taking place at dingy Anaheim club the Shack, site of several such rallies over the past few years. Instead, the 6 p.m. show, ostensibly to celebrate Adolf Hitler's April 20 birthday, will happen in heavily Latino La Habra, in a Moose Lodge on the second floor of a once-bustling-now-crumbling strip mall at 2065 W. La Habra Blvd. For a $15 ticket, the co-promoters—Orange-based website Radio White (known for taking song lyrics out of context, claiming that tunes from such avowed anti-racist bands as X, the Blasters, Steve Earle and the Reverend Horton Heat are somehow aligned with their screwed worldview) and a Long Beach Aryan Nations chapter—are promising guest speakers, a full bar, dinner, and a set by OC white-power band Youngland. "All National Socialist customs and traditions will be observed," says the show link on Radio White's creepy site. "Please dress appropriately"—we assume this means no drag queens, unless they're wearing black jackboots, swastika armbands and leather chaps, which would be kinda kinky. There will also be "a receiving line welcoming arriving guests and party members, followed by an arch of arms [Hitler salute] in which party leaders and colors will pass under," and a raffle, with prizes including Hitler Youth knives, belts, buckles and an SS lady's ring, the proceeds from which will "go directly towards the education and training of our youth," which sounds weirdly like child molestation—and, in a way, it is. We aren't sure why this oppression orgy is happening at a Moose Lodge—of all ironic places—since the fraternal organization's membership ballooned with Nazi-killing veterans right after World War II. Our guess is that the Nazis lied about their true motives, a tactic they've used in the past to book white power shows at rock clubs. As we went to press, we were still trying to find the answer. (Rich Kane)


We acerbic rock critics are eternally hard to please: go on, make us love you, damn it!So naturally we had some major concerns about Go Loco, the new four-hour local music show that debuted April 14 on better-formatted, Anaheim-based "Orange County's Independent Radio Station" KMXN-FM 94.3. Among our worst fears: that the show would be 240 solid minutes of the Offspring, No Doubt, Lit and Sugar Ray, with maybe a Social Distortion tune thrown in to appear "edgy"; that it would be overstuffed with tuneless Huntington Beach bro rawk; or that Go Loco would basically be our own Locals Only mail bin come to life, rotting our brains with bad, bad tuneage. Things didn't sound so hot when the Sunday-8 p.m-to-midnight show started off with a track by Rufio, who aren't exactly OC local—they're from Rancho Cucamonga—but they are signed to Dexter Holland's Huntington Beach-based Nitro label, so we suppose that kinda counts. (Their cookie-cutter emo isn't very good, admittedly, but hey, nobody can like everything spun on the radio.) The Go Loco rule for local bands, as was often spouted by cranky co-host Sean Thumb (a steady stream of guest jocks, including Ska Parade/SPRadio1's Tazy Phyllipz, Aquabat Christian Jacobs and Paul Frank Industries' Austin Brown, will commandeer each hour), is that if you can pick up 94.3's signal, then you qualify to have your song played on the show. To get your music in the hands of the right people, you're supposed to hand-deliver it to KMXN's sub-station at the Block at Orange on Wednesdays between noon and 2 p.m., which could be a bit problematic for the 99 percent of OC musicians who have classes and day jobs (hopefully, you'll soon be able to mail it in, but in either case, bleep out any cuss words, kids—this is commercial radio). Judging by the debut, Go Loco won't discriminate in regards to genre, either: on Sunday, we heard hip-hop from Long Beach's Ugly Duckling and DJ/electronic noodling from Uberzone, Simply Jeff and DJ Nobody—there were even a couple of gentle singer/songwriter/folkie cuts (no jazz or country yet, but give 'em another week or two). Still, this is primarily a rock show, with electric guitars and such. Here's an abbreviated list of area bands played on Sunday's quite lovely Go Loco premiere: the Smut Peddlers, Red 5 (a cut off their never-released Interscope disc), Bikeride, the Aquabats, Limbeck, Wonderlove, Scarlet Crush, Smile (a track from their old Maquee album), CodeName: Rocky, Fu Manchu, Sparklejets UK, Mle, Handsome Devil, Death On Wednesday, Supernova, the Von Steins, Nice, Vavac, Bullet Train to Vegas, the Put-Ons, Inside Out ("No Spiritual Surrender," with Zach de la Rocha on vocals), the Stitches, the Skeletones, Up Syndrome, Stavesacre (their cover of X's "The Hungry Wolf"), TSOL, US Bombs, not one but two Crowd songs ("Modern Machine" and "Surf Ghetto"), a three-song live set from Thrice courtesy of Tazy's tapes, Jay Buchanan (who, as Tazy reported, has finally been signed to a proper label, Ultimatum, and has rechristened his band as simply Buchanan), and—thankfully keeping things new and undiscovered—just one song each from No Doubt, the Offspring and Social D (but before-they-were-rock-stars oldies from the last two, "Jennifer Lost the War" and "Another State of Mind"). By the time Go Loco's four hours closed out with the Adolescents' "Amoeba," we were more than convinced that the show has set itself up to become something important, vital, needed and very, very special—the cult is already forming, and Tazy tells us listeners were waiting on the phone for two hours to call in with requests, which you can do either by buzzing (714) 977-1943 or e-mailing But do not recruit all your friends, family, co-workers, classmates and neighbors to demand your band—that's really tacky. (RK)

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