Jim Jakel

Photo by Jeanne Rice> Nitro Records. In my opinion, this has to be the greatest indie/punk label, with all their great bands of past and present.

> Pacifica High School. This so-called learning establishment has produced some of Orange County's great bands, like the Offspring, Option Red and, of course, Split Decision.

> Mr. Firly. These guys are definitely a band to see—great humor and punk melodies.

> The Honest Lawyer. This closed pub in west Garden Grove was a great place to drink and see your friends fight any night of the week. Long live the Lawyer!

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> Guttermouth. One of our biggest influences. They make us feel like everything in the world shouldn't be so serious.

> Prohibition. Led by singer/guitarist Jeff Clark, this terrific band needs to play more.

> Option Red. A young, up-and-coming band. They have a great, warped sense of humor that makes us like sharing bills with them.

> The Caboose. This bar is located in the Valley View Bowl and has by far the hardest-to-hear karaoke going on. That is until you take a shot of Carol's Mind Eraser—then everybody else sounds like Willie Nelson or Whitney Houston.

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