Web Extra: OC Weekly's Sexiest People 2011—The OC Roller Girls

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Star Foreman/OC Weekly

Chick Norris Derby Rayne-ger (#J13), Kitcat Go BOOM (#627) and Chanel Knockoff (#No.05) hang on.

Ah, the OC Roller Girls: A bunch of women on roller skates knocking the bejesus out of one another--how can you not find this sexy? Check out these outtakes from our photo shoot with the girls, who earned a well-deserved spot on our Sexiest People list this year. Photographer Star Foreman says shooting the OC Roller Girls was an awesome experience: "What made shooting the Roller Girls such a trip is how genuinely nice they were both to me, and to each another-- until they all started kicking and biting each other..." Click here to see who else made the cut for OC's sexiest. All images by Star Foreman.

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