Waffleizer.com: Will It Waffle?

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Waffled Croque Madame: That's fancy talk for a grilled ham and cheese sammie with an egg on top. We're pretty entranced by the looks of that egg.

Our new favorite food blog, Waffleizer.com, answers the age-old question of "Will it waffle?" Blogger Dan Shumski, 32, of Chicago, has set out to answer just that. "I told one of my best friends about the idea [to start the blog]," Shumski says. "I could tell he was skeptical. I was skeptical, too. I think both of us had badly miscalculated the Internet's appetite for the ridiculous." Scroll through some of his latest waffleized creations, all delicious, all unique--just click on the name of each dish to see the recipe! Also, you can follow the latest Waffleizer news on Twitter and Facebook.