The NAMM Show 2014 @ Anaheim Convention Center

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The National Association of Music Merchants' The NAMM Show 2014 took place at the Anaheim Convention Center from Jan. 23-26. All images by John Gilhooley.

Published on January 27, 2014

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I went in 2000. Met a few celebs and a lot of knowledgeable sales people.


While I spent more time, talked to more people, and saw more things this year than ever before, that was more to my commitment than to what NAMM offered up this year. They were also sadly lacking on the special appearances, singings, private parties, and all that other stuff that makes it such an experience.

I will say this, though: People think that the average length of hair is very long, but that not entirely true. Remember for every long haired musician there is also an equal number of bald headed salesmen - so it all balances out to an average length!  ;-)

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