"The Adventures of a Costa Mesa Bigfoot"

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Keith May

Aug. 15, 7:20 a.m., Canyon Park
What an eventful trip this has turned out to be, Roger Hathaway commented before hopping a train back to his home in Santa Fe. A professional piano-tuner, Roger is my housemate Barrys dad and was visiting to meet his new granddaughter for the very first time. When Barry mentioned the Bigfoot project, Rogers eyes lit up. I have my viola on this trip, he offered. Can we include it in the photos?

With a camera in his hand and a song in his heart, photojournalist Keith May chronicles the OC sightings of the suddenly not-very-reclusive Sasquatch. For outtakes of even more Bigfoot photos, just click here!

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In the meanwhile another funny thing I remember was the Buena Park "bigfoot". It had to be very early 80s because I was attending Beatty Elementary School. Down at the northern-most end of Western, there's a drainage channel that used to run parrallel to the back of McComber Jr High. People claimed to have seen a "bigfoot" there. There was even a story in the Register, and a composite drawing of "it".It turned out to be a very tall and hairy homless guy.. It was even on TV and I remember my friend got to wave at the camera.... Weird stuff.



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