Summer Guide: The Bouncer's Guide To Fake IDs

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Some may ask if the person has another ID or credit card with his name on it. If someone in this day and age doesn't have a debit card on them, it's cause for suspicion. If a person is unable to produce so much as a AAA card or a library card with the same name on it, he's probably using someone else's ID.

It's summer. You can stay out later, get hammered, and sleep in without worrying about having to endure your first class of the day with a hell-sent hangover. Since you've been granted these few precious weeks of freedom, who the hell wants to waste them in your buddy's dorm or running from cops after that house party gets raided? You want to go downtown and get schlitzed in some glamorous college-town bar. Only problem? You must be this tall to ride, and, well, you're not there yet. So you get that pair of platforms that is a fake ID so you can hit the town and pay way too much for your vodka-crans.

Then you meet that big dude in the black shirt in front of the door. He's going to be the Tom to your Jerry for the next several years. Here are some of his mouse traps:

Written by Taylor Hamby.

Published on May 23, 2012