September 2009: OC Weekly's Month in Photos

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Keith May

The Fourth Annual Boston Buddies Tea Party took place at the always dog-friendly (complete with dog menu!) Park Bench Cafe in Huntington Beach on 9/12. It's exactly what it sounds like: A whole lot of Boston Terriers and their adoring owners, with some food and doggie costumes thrown in there. Boston Buddies, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to the rescuing and rehoming of Boston Terrier and Boston terrier mixes. Full slideshow here.

It's over already? September's about done and gone, so let's reminisce about the month that was: Check out this round-up of September's happenings, from doggie picnics and Faygo-drenched juggalos to the last of (live) Nine Inch Nails and bad-ass roller derby gals destroying everything in their path, 'twas a good month.