OC's Scariest People

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Mike Carona.How scary is the prospect of a dirty cop sitting as the top law-enforcement officer in OC? In June, the well-regarded Law Enforcement Intelligence Unitcomprising 250 police agencies in four countriesvoted to block Caronas access to the groups Mafia files based on our sheriffs associations with Rick Rizzolo, a Las Vegas titty-bar owner and reputed mob associate, and con man Joseph Medawar, a Lebanese native Carona incredibly let film top-secret anti-terrorism training. After Caronas ties to the men emerged in OC Weekly, both Rizzolo and Medawar were convicted of federal crimes and incarcerated. MITIGATING FACTOR: The self-styled Christian conservative with lofty political ambitions is squeaky-clean compared to some of the people who do his dirty work.

Just in time for Halloween. Be afraid, be very afraid. Some of them DO bite.