OC Weekly's Sexiest People 2011

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Danielle Bedics/Courtesy of dita.net

Dita Von Teese
There are still people in Orange County who remember the international burlesque star as Heather Renee Sweet of Irvine, University High School Class of 1990s quiet blonde. And those people will tell you theres nothing surprising about Von Teese showing up at her sisters wedding last year, with no paparazzi following her, in a demure outfit, one far removed from the corsets and underwear-as-outerwear that have made her a pinup darling and the center of attention wherever she travels. Von Teeses return trips to Orange County are very rare (as with fellow Uni alums Will Ferrell and Zack de la Rocha or fellow girl-power innovator Gwen Stefani), but while the world collectively fantasizes over Von Teeses public image, well always prefer her Sweet side.

While the county is best-known nationwide in sex terms for Octomom and her clan, the siliconed silliness of South County's Real Housewives and our porno starlets, those of us who live here know that local sexiness exists outside these stereotypes--and outside Imperial Showgirls or the Pump Room. It's in our law-school deans, our burlesque queens whom we remember more for their humble personalities than their impossibly small waists, our accessible surf stars and charity-supporting manly men. Sure, there are some snarky picks on the list (the picture of the Chapman University Undie Run-loving Christian is as great a summation of Orange County as anything not named Arrested Development), but we truly mean it when we say most of the following folks are as wholesomely sexy as anything in Orange County right now. (Gustavo Arellano)

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