"Mark Mothersbaugh: Postcard Diaries"

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Courtesy of the Irvine Fine Arts Center

Aw: "With Malice Towards Penguins"

Big Devo fan? You better hurry on over to the Irvine Fine Arts Center to catch the last few days of an exhibition of Mark Mothersbaugh's "Postcard Diaries." Mothersbaugh has been obsessively illustrating on post cards for more than 30 years--anywhere from one to 25 images per day--for friends and family, as a sort of visual diary. Though these post cards were never meant for public viewing, Mothersbaugh is displaying some of his favorite pieces from the collection in this art gallery tour. Energy dome not required. Irvine Fine Arts Center, 14321 Yale Ave., Irvine, (949) 724-6880, www.cityofirvine.org. Mon.-Sat., 9 a.m.-9 p.m. Through July 25.