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  • Newport Beach Zombie Pub Crawl: "They Came From the Beach"
    Tons of fabulous zombies dragged themselves to Newport Beach on 10/24 for the first ever Newport Beach Zombie Pub Crawl. Sponsored by, the all-day event featured plenty of braaaaaaains and beer.
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  • Kid Sister @ Detroit Bar
    Rapper Kid Sister paid a visit to the Detroit Bar in Costa Mesa on 10/23. Good times and dancing ensued.
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  • UFC 104 @ Staples Center
    UFC 104 invaded the Southland on 10/24 with a title fight at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Brazilians Shogun Rua and Lyoto Machida, the top two strikers in the world, battled it out in front of 16,000 fans, each giving it their best. Machida emerged victorious--however, it was a...
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  • Vestal Village's Coachella Party
    Vestal Watch presents Vestal Village. Here are shots from Friday! All images by Matt Oliver. Related Content PHOTOS: Coachella Fashions: Ridiculous Edition The Best Of Coachella: Friday, April 13 What My Spirit Hood Means To Me: Coachella-Goers Explain PHOTOS: FILTER Magazine's 10th Annual...
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  • UFC 104 After-Party
    After UFC 104 invaded the Staples Center, there was, of course, time for a proper after-party. Keep your eyes peeled for a few cameos from celebs. All photos by Chris Victorio. For photos from the UFC 104 match, click here!
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  • Mitsuwa Autumn Japanese Food Festival
    Mitsuwa Marketplace in Costa Mesa, hosted their Autumn Food Fair on 10/22-10/25. It featured all sorts of goodies like red bean paste-filled waffles, fish cakes, freshly made mochi, Tan Tan Men (noodleeees!) and okonomiyaki. All photos by our food writer/blogger Edwin Goei. Autumn Food Fair at...
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  • Los Angeles Lakers vs. Denver Nuggets @ the Honda Center
    The 2009 NBA Champions paid a visit to the Honda Center in Anaheim for a pre-season exhibition game versus division rival Denver Nuggets on 10/22. With the season opener just next week, this was one of the final tune-up games before starting off another championship season. With the acquisition...
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  • Angels Fans, Game 5 @ Angel Stadium
    The Angels went into Game 5 of the ALCS Thursday night with a do-or-die mentality, either continue to win with a trip back to New York, or watch los Yankees Banditos celebrate in their house. Angels fans came out in droves and got some partying started early before the game. And the most...
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  • Monsters of Folk @ Greek Theater
    Folk supergroup Monsters of Folk played at the Greek Theater on 10/18. Monsters of Folk (M. Ward, Conor Oberst, Jim James, Mike Mogis) played for almost three hours and had no openers. Awe-some. All photos by Andrew Youssef.
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  • The Zombie Apocalypse Across America
    Maybe it's the bath salt epidemic in Los Angeles and Miami, Florida or the 2012 end of the world hysteria. Whatever the cause, our generation's apocalypse fantasy has taken the form of the undead. From coast to coast, here's proof of the zombie takeover. For more zombie photos, check out:...
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  • Angels Fans @ Silky Sullivan's
    A collective sigh of relief was heard 'round Orange County--and beyond, right?--as the Angels won Game 5 against the Yankees on 10/22. Come on and say it with us: There's still a chance, there's still a chance, there's still a chance... All photos by the lovely Miss Becky Drake as she cheered...
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  • Reagan Youth @ Alex's Bar
    Punk rock legends Reagan Youth played Alex's Bar in Long Beach on 10/17. All photos by Doug Neill.
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