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  • Club Snaps: Zeds Dead @ the Observatory
    Canadian EDM duo Zeds Dead performed at the Observatory in Santa Ana on July 31. All images by Shannon Nehls. See Also Club Snaps: Zeds Dead @ Ten Nightclub 10 EDM Albums to Listen to Before You Die
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  • The Best Orange County Food and Drink Photos of 2014 (So Far)
    Feast your eyes upon OC Weekly's best food and drink porn from this year (this far, anyway!).See Also The Year in Orange County Photos (So Far) The Best Orange County Costumes of 2014 (So Far)
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  • The White Buffalo, Jonny Two Bags & More @ the Observatory
    The White Buffalo and Jonny Two Bags performed at the Observatory July 26. Enjoy these photos from Saturday. All images by John Gilhooley See Also The White Buffalo @ the Observatory 2013 The White Buffalo @ the Constellation Room 2012
    49 images
  • Echo & the Bunnymen @ the Observatory
    Echo & the Bunnymen performed at the Observatory July 30. Enjoy these photos from Wednesday. All images by John Gilhooley. See Also Echo & The Bunnymen @ House of Blues Anaheim Echo & the Bunnymen Head to the House of Blues May 22
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  • The Go-Go's at the Pacific Amphitheatre
    80's all-girl rock band the Go-Go's performed at the Pacific Amphitheatre in Costa Mesa as part of the OC Fair's summer concert series. All images by John Gilhooley.
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  • The Unique Cosplay of San Diego Comic-Con
    Comic-Cons sure bring out the creative best in players and San Diego Comic Con is where cosplayers come to shine. Here are some of the more unique, creative and intricate costumes seen at SDCC this year. All images by Christopher Victorio.
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  • The Crossplay of San Diego Comic-Con
    One great thing about cosplay is it isn't limited by gender roles. Enjoy these gender-bending costumes from San Diego Comic-Con 2014. All images by Christopher Victorio.
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  • The Celebrities of San Diego Comic-Con
    Besides the cosplay and vendors, one of the main draws of San Diego Comic Con is the top-notch celebrity panels from some of the world's biggest cultural phenomenons. Some notable panels included "the Simpsons", "Game of Thrones" and "the Walking Dead". All images by Christopher Victorio.
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  • Partying at Comic-Con 2014
    Whoever said nerds can't party has obviously never experienced Comic-Con after dark. The industry parties might have free booze, but most of those execs are back in bed by 10 p.m. If you ask the fans they'll tell you that sometimes the best party is the one happening in the hotel lobby with...
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  • Juggalettes of the 2014 Gathering (NSFW)
    Our favorite juggalettes spotted at the 2014 Gathering of the Juggalos, held July 23-27 in Thornville, Ohio. Photos by Nate "Igor" Smith. See also: 2010: Juggalette Cuties 2010: Naked Juggalettes (NSFW) Naked Juggalettes 2011 (NSFW) Juggalette Cuties at the 2012 Gathering (NSFW) The Lovely...
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  • The Faces of Comic-Con 2014
    We looked into the eyes of San Diego Comic-Con's aliens, mutants, devils and clowns, and they looked right back. What did we learn? That all that face paint can't hide humanity. All photos by Keith Plocek. See also: - The Beautiful People Of Comic-Con 2014 - Cosplay Mashups at San Diego...
    70 images
  • The Beautiful People Of Comic-Con 2014
    With all the elaborate costumes and makeup at Comic-Con, everywhere you turn, people are looking their finest. Though it was tough to choose, here are the most beautiful people we found in a sea of Comic-Con comeliness. All photos by Keith Plocek. See also: - The Faces of Comic-Con 2014 -...
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