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  • Xzibit @ the Observatory
    Xzibit performed at the Observatory in Santa Ana on Oct. 8. All images by Oliver Scherillo. See Also: Xzibit Says Planking is Racist
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  • Why Downtown Fullerton Sucks on Friday and Saturday Nights
    Ah, Downtown Fullerton. It gets a bad rep for being a college town booze hole that turns into a bit of a cesspool on weekend nights. But does it deserve it? Absolutely. See why in this photo essay of reasons why DTF sucks and other bits of Fullerton wildlife photography. Photos by LP Hastings,...
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  • Black Keys @ Honda Center
    The Black Keys performed at the Honda Center in Anaheim on Oct. 8. Tegan and Sara opened. All images by Andrew Youssef.
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  • Crazy Homemade Pot Pipes (NSFW)
    Stoners are nothing if not inventive. They think of crazy strain names, sneaky ways to hide their weed and wacky junk food fusions when they get the munchies. And then of course, there's all the crazy things they MacGyver into smoking devices. From candy to video game consoles to Mr. Potato...
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  • The Queen Mary's Dark Harbor 2012
    The Queen Mary's Dark Harbor opened their doors to the press for a sneak peek at the annual Halloween haunted attraction. All images by Johannes Dewald.
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  • Orange County's Celebrity Mugshots
    From Jenna Jameson to Snoop Dogg to Dennis Rodman, Orange County authorities have arrested several celebrities. Interestingly, we seem to attract deviant MMA fighters and reality TV personalities. Who knew?
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  • Conor Oberst & Jenny Lewis @ Fox Theater
    Conor Oberst (Bright Eyes) performed at the Fox Theater in Pomona on Oct. 3. Jenny Lewis (Rilo Kiley) opened with the Watson Twins. All images by Andrew Youssef. See Also: REVIEW: Conor Oberst at the Fox Theater in Pomona Jenny Lewis Talks Flea Markets, Life on the Road and Building Her Early...
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  • Justin Bieber @ Staples Center
    The Biebs performed at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on Oct. 3. Carly Rae Jepsen and Cody Simpson opened. All images by Matt Oliver. See Also Justin Bieber Performed at La Cave Last Night. IT'S TRUE. PHOTOS: Cody Simpson @ the Pacific Amphitheatre
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  • Wasteland Weekend: A Mad Max Party in the Desert
    Wasteland Weekend is a Mad Max themed party celebrating the post-apocalypse lifestyle from Sept. 27-30. Chicks, fire, cars, leather, and booze, add up together for a wild weekend out in the middle of nowhere near California City, CA.
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  • This Month in Photos: September 2012
    See ya later September. Thanks for the memories.
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  • People Drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon
    Whether you think of Pabst Blue Ribbon as hipster swill, a punk rock passion or God's gift to the working man, there's no denying PBR is a concert staple. Pabst imbibers sure to seem to have the most fun--you think we could do this slideshow with Coors Light drinkers? Hell, no!
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  • Mickey's Halloween Party @ Disneyland
    It's Halloween time at Disneyland! Disney characters and villains came out to play in costume on Sept. 28 for photo ops with costumed fans of all ages. All images by Matt Oliver. See Also: PHOTOS: Halloween at Disneyland PHOTOS: Disney's HalloweenTime
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