Barstow Boyz @ the Blue Beet

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Keith May

Mixl shows off the look.

The Barstow Boyz, consisting of Rim Morrison (on deep throat), Mixl Rose (hot licks), Kurt Kurtis (battle axe), Nilz Hammer (bass, beer bong) and Roger Daily (styx, STDs), paid a visit to the Blue Beet on 4/9. The alter ego of a few local musicians, the Barstow Boyz like to belt out nothing but the hits, mostly from '78-'82 because, as Morrison once pointed out in a 2006 OC Weekly interview with Alison Rosen, "We try to stay away from the sort of like woo-hoo! '80s stuff because I hate the '80s and they sucked and they suck even worse now. We try to cover that period from '78 through '82 that was back when having a mustache wasn't something everyone wore to be ironic--this was what you did if you were a man. You had dolphin shorts, a gold chain, a little bit of an afro going on. You were proud to have a Wyland painting on your wall and you made that trip to Lahaina a couple times a year. We look back on that fondly and we want to make sure that's represented."