A Look Inside the Orange County Crime Lab

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The OCCL processes approximately 50,000 items of evidence each year

In celebration of National Forensic Science Week, the Orange County Crime Lab (OCCL) gave members of the media a tour of the lab on Aug. 14. The OCCL is one of the 25 largest crime labs in the nation. All images by Eric Hood.

Published on August 15, 2013

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All the science in the world can't help these herp derp cops. Wife's atm just got hacked they paid their bills phone water and gas with the card. I don't see them getting caught. Had a computer stolen from my mom's house with two handguns, I got the IP address of the house for them to go get them. Nope, can't figure that one out, how about we just run down to pawn shops and look in the cases. The best tools int he hands of the dumbest people means nothing.

JGlanton topcommenter

Wait, WHAT?  Did a member of the credentialed press just write correctly that an assault rifle is a fully automatic weapon?  I think that's a first for the nation!  Congratulations, OCWeekly, for another journalism first. Still, you might wanna rewrite that if you want get invited to cover any future official Democratic Party events. And fire an in intern to save face.

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