10 Essential Places to Eat Fish in OC and Long Beach

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Johannes Dewald

Anepalco's: There are so many things to eat and marvel at Danny Godinez's second Anepalco's, but the single best dish has to be a pan-sauted tilapia where Godinez turns a bargain fish into something as delicate as seabass. Everything you require from a French restaurant fish dish is present, from the coveted crispy sear of the flesh, to a silken potato puree, to a lick-the-plate good serrano beurre blanc an accomplished saucier would sell his soul to produce.

You gorged yourself on steak on Tuesday in preparation for this: the first Friday of Lent. So tonight, it's fish. And it's going to be fish (and/or seafood) for many Fridays to come. Here are 10 of this non-Catholic food writer's essential places to eat fish while you are observing Lent, or if you just happen to like fish. Agree? Disagree? What did I miss? Put in a comment, will you?

Published on March 10, 2014