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William Friedkin's Most Disturbing Film

5 years ago by Casey Burchby
"I'll just tell you straight out, Killer Joe is the most disturbing film I've ever made," William Friedkin admits. This is really something, coming from a filmmaker who has spent much of his eclectic career testing audience limits. The Exorcist riled Catholics and had theaters stocking barf bags in 1973;...

Triumphant Triumph

18 years ago by JOSEPH SIROTA
I buy Thelonius Monk's philosophy—that "only cats worth anything are cats who take chances"—in theater and life. So bravo, Cal State Fullerton, for tackling this rather difficult project: a musical version of Triumph of Love, Marivaux's classic French farce. As farce, it demands pinpoint physical and verbal timing. As musical...

Wanted, Dead or Alive

10 years ago by Dave Barton
When you think "Wyatt Earp," what comesto mind? Depending on your age, it's either the historic gunfight at the O.K. Corral, a musical parody by Spike Jones, Kevin Costner's lousy movie, or . . . a big fat zero. Did the women-folk the Earp brothers were involved with cross your...

Cool Films to Watch When It's Hot Outside

5 years ago by Aaron Hillis
In a movie season worshipped for its CGI-boosted, spiritually bankrupt juvenilia, it's heartening to know that filmmakers still create—and, maybe more significantly, studios still distribute—summer entertainment for grown-ups. Not that those buckets of popcorn are going to empty themselves, but who needs to be reminded of yet another comic-book reboot...

Sloppy Joe

10 years ago by Joel Beers
The bottle let this early Tracy Letts play down


10 years ago by Rob Nelson
Break out the citronella candle: This creepy thriller gets under the skin

Hard, Sedimented Truths

12 years ago by AMANDA VANDE BRAKE
Friedkins Man From Nebraska reaches reality


12 years ago by Joel Beers
Catching up with the guy who made the scariest movie everand then did opera

The Devil May Care

10 years ago by Scott Foundas
William Friedkin on Bug, Cruising and nights at the opera

Hitchcocki, Hell and Trout Fishing

12 years ago by Joel Beers
Ten theatrical reasons you aint going nowhere till spring


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