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Who Killed Tootsie? And Should Her Owner Get Paid for Her Emotional Distress?

8 years ago by R. Scott Moxley
Who Killed Tootsie?And should her bereaved owner get paid for emotional distress? Veterinarians and the pet industry sure hope the answer to the question is ‘no’ The earliest known depictions of the breed of dog known today as the Maltese date back to some 500 years before Christ. These dogs’...

We're So Happy, We Could Scream!

19 years ago by Joel Beers
The third annual OC Weekly Theater Awards

Packards Pork

18 years ago by VICTOR D. INFANTE
OC congressman proposes neat idea: Let taxpayers clean up developers messes

Excerpts: Part 3

Photo by Myles RobinsonSept. 17, 1999 We spoke through the glass by means of a telephone. I was constrained by his lawyer in terms of what I might ask him, but asking anything seemed for some reason a difficult proposition. How are you doing? Having any problems inside? How do...

Silver Circle

Animation, Suspense/Thriller


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