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How the Producers of Team Supreme Broke Out of OC To Take On The World

4 months ago by Nate Jackson
Stepping into the lobby of Icon Collective is like entering a magical school for the musically gifted. The smell of burnt coffee and ambition fills the air of the modern, two-story building, its walls splashed with artwork and signed posters of its celebrity DJ alumni. Young producers pile onto plush...

In Orange County's Courthouse Scandals, Prosecutors and Sheriff Unite in Cover-Ups

4 months ago by R. Scott Moxley
CHAPTER ONE Undercover Canadian police couldn't believe their eyes at the Tycoon Club in Vancouver. Oblivious to the surveillance, law-enforcement colleagues, including two from Southern California, partied inside a hangout for the Big Circle Boys, a violent, Asian, organized-crime family. The Guangzhou-spawned syndicate specialized in extortion, home-invasion robberies and narcotics...

The Technological Wonders of Coachella 2017

5 months ago by Eran Ryan
With each passing year, Coachella organizers are tasked with finding new and innovative destinations to add to their already well-established haunts scattered across the festival grounds. Though the focus of the event has always been the live music experience, the often overlooked technological side of the two-weekend affair has rapidly...

La Strada Italiano

This is a restaurant that proclaims, "If you are grouchy, irritable, or just plain mean, there will be a $10 charge for putting up with you." Owned by a former software engineer who took over her...

Here's Where to Find Ramen Right Now in Long Beach

8 months ago by Sarah Bennett
Even in usually mild Southern California, winter still means ramen weather: those rainy days that dribble down the windows and chilly nights that seep into your bones. If you live in Los Angeles or OC, feeding the soul with a soothing broth and slurpy Japanese noodles during the winter is...

R.I.P., Steven G. Duff: Remembering a Great Protector of OC's Canyons

7 months ago by Matt Coker
Folks in Orange County canyon communities, which are constantly under threat from fire, Mother Nature and development, are today mourning the loss of one of the region's longtime protectors. Steven G. Duff recently lost a battle with a rare form of cancer, according to his friend and fellow canyon activist...

[UPDATED] Braking News! Government Report Clears Toyota Software as Cause of Sudden-Acceleration Problems

7 years ago by Matt Coker
​UPDATE, FEB. 24, 12:47 P.M.: In my mailbox yesterday was a recall notice from Toyota for my wife's Highlander.Today, I learned she is not alone: Having already recalled nearly 8 million of its models in the U.S., Toyota announced it is calling back another 2.17 million to correct brake- and...

Science on Tap

2 years ago by Aimee Murillo
Scientists are all-too commonly considered boring, straight-laced nerds in most media and pop culture depictions, but don't let their knowledge of osmosis and Hadron colliders fool you. Chapman University's 'Science on Tap' series of science and beer mixers brings leading scientists to set your imaginations afloat over your choice IPA...

The Biggest Jailbreak In OC History Isn't Surprising Yet Never Should Have Happened

2 years ago by Nick Schou
Sometime before dawn on Jan. 22, three inmates stood on the roof of the Orange County Central Men's Jail in downtown Santa Ana. At some previous time—the exact moment is unclear—they had cut their way through a thin metal screen on the wall of the low-security dormitory where they were...

Eight Students from Santa Ana High Schools Rocket to JPL for Paid Summer Internships

2 years ago by Matt Coker
Eight Santa Ana high school students have been hired for paid summer internships at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, so hopefully the kids have developed a way to propel themselves over Southern California traffic to reach La Cañada Flintridge...


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