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Whole New Language [Special Screenings, Aug. 24-31]

28 days ago by Matt Coker
RiffTrax Live: Doctor Who—The Five Doctors. It's an encore presentation of Mystery Science Theater 3000 refugees Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett riffing wise Aug. 17 on the 1983 Doctor Who film The Five Doctors, in which someone is taking the Doctor's past selves out of time and space...

The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938)

5 years ago by Jessica Ford
Few characters from the big screen become so iconic that their popularity manages to span multiple generations. Tales of Robin Hood, an outlaw and leader of an army of Merry Men, began during the Medieval Period as part of European folklore, but has since become a popular subject in American...

The Legend of Robin Hood

6 years ago by Joe Lapin
Imagine a modern day Robin Hood: someone like Tyler Durden, devastatingly good looking and tough as Cool Hand Luke. And instead of robbing the king, who would this contemporary Robin steal from? Maybe the big banks who were too big to fail, maybe construction companies profiting from war. Who knows?...

Being a National Student Poet is Not All That Makes Kinsale Hueston Unique

1 month ago by Matt Coker
How unique is Kinsale Hueston? A senior in high school, the Corona del Mar 17-year-old is the daughter of the lead prosecutor in the U.S. government's successful case against Enron. Her mother, who grew up on a Navajo reservation in Utah, where her father was a tribal leader, became the first American...

Robin Hood With Scalpel

14 years ago by Joel Beers
Sweeney Todd

The Last of Robin Hood Wrestles With a Star's Underage Love

3 years ago by Stephanie Zacharek
If older man/younger women matchups make many people uncomfortable, the older man/much younger women combo tends to make them apoplectic. It would be impossible for Nabokov to publish Lolita today, now that all of life and all of art must be arranged, categorized and restricted as a way of protecting...

Les Miz and Friends! A Puppet Parody at Maverick Theater Is Exactly What it Sounds Like

6 months ago by Joel Beers
If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then what do you call a show in which ornery, foul-mouthed puppets invade a well-known play and slice, skewer and cannibalize it? Ask Nathan Makaryk, the co-creator of the R-rated Les Miz and Friends! A Puppet Parody, and you won't get the...

On the Line: Robin + Brian Christenson and Ryan Friesen of Blinking Owl Distillery

1 year ago by Anne Marie Panoringan
While Orange County has no shortage of breweries, it is lacking in any distilleries. We get to know the team behind our first distillery in the area, Blinking Owl. Special thanks to Greg Nagel/OC Beer Blog for assisting with my line of questioning. What antiquated booze laws exist that you wish...

Hurricane Sandy Benefit Concert

5 years ago by Amanda Parsons
Disasters have the unique power to bring out the best in humanity. And thanks to the altruism of a generous few, a tragedy has the ability to transform into a blessing. While Hurricane Sandy’s wrath devastated the Caribbean and Northeastern United States, the ferocity of a few committed individuals has...

A Princess Bride Forever: Robin Wright, As Robin Wright, Seizes a Mad Future in The Congress

3 years ago by Amy Nicholson
After The Princess Bride made Robin Wright a star, she shocked Hollywood by saying no. No to The Firm and Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. No to Jurassic Park, Dirty Dancing, Born On the Fourth of July and Batman Forever. She even said no to the cover of Vanity Fair...


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