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BULLETIN: There's Finally a Way to Rid Congress of Dana Rohrabacher!

10 months ago by Matt Coker
Limp-fisted Democratic Party opponents have not done it. Term limits he himself championed when first elected to Congress in 1988 have not done it. (He has been reelected every two years since.) And too close associations with slimeballs like Mike Carona,  Dave Garofalo, Jack Abramoff, Jeffrey Ray Nielsen, Joseph Medawar...

'Showgirl Is My Yentl': The 145-Minute Showgirls Sequel That Could

4 years ago by Sherilyn Connelly
Written, produced, directed, and edited by Rena Riffel, who also reprises her role as Penny from the original Showgirls, Showgirls 2: Penny's From Heaven has been available on VOD for at least a year, but is now being released on DVD from Wild Eye Releasing, thus conferring onto it the...

Sirhan Sirhan, CIA Spooks and Dana Rohrabacher

7 years ago by Matt Coker
Courtesy of the California Department of CorrectionsSirhan Sirhan's latest prison photo​Sirhan Sirhan is scheduled to go before a California parole board for a 13th time Wednesday, bringing to my mind two memories.The most recent involves Shane O'Sullivan's documentary RFK Must Die, which I caught on the TV over the weekend...

Homeowners Penitentiary

13 years ago by Nick Schou
Residents liken their gated community to prison

Commie Girl

12 years ago by Rebecca Schoenkopf
And the People, They DancedDanced to the sweet, sweet music of impeachment!

I Do the Mess Around

13 years ago by BUDDY SEIGAL
Guitar Shorty, Ray Charles and Irvines bleachy blues

Visiting With Buddy!

18 years ago by BUDDY SEIGAL
Nostalgia acts, and nostalgia acts in training

Youll Die of Pleasure!

18 years ago by BUDDY SEIGAL
A roots week during which you may discover the point of the Japanese porn film Empire of the Senses

We Want You Seed!

17 years ago by JIM WASHBURN
Uncle Jims summer activity guide


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