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Break of Dawn's PopUp Dinner for Hurricane Harvey Has Openings!

15 days ago by Anne Marie Panoringan
A single seating, monthly dinner is a word-of-mouth bonus meal conceptualized, executed and served by BoD's Dee Nguyen. A new theme is presented, and a multi-course—- often super boozy good time is had. Only 66 seats are up for grabs, and (in SD Comic Con fashion) usually over half the...

The Best Tiki Albums To Get You In The Mood For Tiki Oasis

1 month ago by Scott Feinblatt
Swingers, light your tiki torches! On the eve of this year’s epic Tiki Oasis festival, in San Diego, we thought it would be prudent to kindle the beacon fire with a little Tiki 101 list. For our selections, we will be focusing on the nittiest and grittiest albums of primeval...

How a Free, Weeklong San Diego Trip Gets High-School Teachers to Send Students to the Marines

2 months ago by Armaan Maharaj
MONDAY—HEARTS AND MINDS At the Humphreys Half Moon Inn in San Diego, two events were in full swing: a Marine Corps workshop for high-school educators and a Ziggy Marley concert. The workshop's conference room overlooked the concert venue on one side and the harbor on the other. Bass rattled the...

Big Monsta and the Sugar Team Up to Put OC Rock Back on the Map

2 months ago by Brittany Woolsey
I Wonder If We'll Be Alright is the title of Big Monsta's forthcoming EP, but it could also describe the band's feelings of trying to navigate through a currently oversaturated and difficult music world. The Orange County-based band, along with The Sugar, are hoping to help put Orange County rock...

The Staying Power of Garbage Puts Them On Top of the Alt-Rock Pile

3 months ago by Jimmy Alvarez
Despite their mega success in the '90s, Garbage have always been the most down-to-earth and humble people you will ever meet, most likely it’s a Midwest thing. Truthfully, sometimes, when you meet bands that are at the level of success that Garbage is, they can get caught up in their...

You're Killin' Me, Smalls [Special Screenings, June 1-8]

4 months ago by Matt Coker
Il nostro ultimo (Our Last). Italian Movie Night presents director Ludovico Di Martino's story about two brothers fulfilling their just-departed mother's last wish to visit Sicily by going on an impromptu road trip with her coffin tied to the roof of their car. This family drama won the award for...

Sawleaf Is Helping Vietnamese Food Cross Over Into the Mainstream

5 months ago by Edwin Goei
It was during my third visit to the second and newest location of Sawleaf that I noticed I was the only Asian person in a room of people slurping bowls of pho. Next to me, there was a twentysomething blonde in yoga clothes who was carefully plucking basil leaves. Next...

The Red Leprechaun Is Long Beach's Neighborhood Irish-American Pub

5 months ago by Sarah Bennett
It's pretty bloody ballsy to open a new Irish pub in a city with quite a few of them and have only a license to serve beer and wine. But The Red Leprechaun isn’t trying to be the kind of party-focused Americanized Irish bar where you go to down shots...

Meizhou Dongpo Serves Upscale Meals for Irvine's Chinese Nouveau Riche

5 months ago by Edwin Goei
To say that the new Meizhou Dongpo in Irvine is unlike any other Chinese restaurant in town would be an understatement. The outside resembles something out of a Zhang Yimou wuxia film set in ancient imperial China. The building, which was once a Marie Callender's, has been transformed into the...

Hundreds Protest in Anaheim Neighborhood Where Off-Duty LAPD Cop Fired Gun Near Teens

7 months ago by Frank John Tristan
What started as a rally last night against an off-duty Los Angeles Police Department officer who pulled a gun on Anaheim teenagers after an argument, turned into a free-for-all, with "Fuck Pigs" and "Kill the Cops" tagged on residential homes, media and police getting chased away by protestors, objects thrown...


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