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A Man and His Dog [Special Screenings, Sept. 21-28]

1 hour ago by Matt Coker
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. Fathom Events and Paramount Pictures added a third 35th-anniversary screening of director Nicholas Meyer's cut of the 1985 movie that jumped off the original Star Trek television series episode "The Space Seed." Longtime Starfleet nemesis Khan Noonien Singh (Ricardo Montalban) is alive and...

Yes, Brea: Your Founding Fathers Were Mostly KKK Members. Get Over It

3 months ago by Gustavo Arellano
It's rare I bother to respond to reader attacks on my stories, because anyone who attacks my stories are obviously pathetic losers. But I'm making an exception for the residents of Brea who have taken MAJOR exception to my piece last Friday revealing that an 8th grader told a black...

How Far We'll Go for Good Films [Special Screenings, July 6-13]

3 months ago by Matt Coker
Finding Dory. Oh, there she is, behind that $1.002 billion in global box office. The public is invited to join guests watching the movie on a big screen set up on the sand next to the water. Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort & Marina, behind Moe B's Watersports, 1131 Back Bay...

Alexander P. Nelson Was the Klanbuster

6 years ago by Gustavo Arellano
The List is kept under lock and key in the Anaheim Heritage Center Disney Resort Reading Room, far from the public's gaze or curiosity. You need to know about it to see the List—a quick search online reveals nothing. Once inside the Heritage Center, Anaheim's genteel depository of its history...

Laguna Art Museum Holds Successful Art Auction, as UCI's California Impressionist Site Awaits

7 months ago by Lisa Black
Last November, the Irvine Museum donated its collection of California Impressionist paintings to U.C. Irvine, which plans to build a permanent museum somewhere on its crowded campus to house the estimated $17 million collection. And on Saturday night, the Laguna Museum of Art (LAM) held its annual art auction, this year...

Adolescence Is a Fantasy In The Way, Way Back

4 years ago by Inkoo Kang
The Way, Way Back is a crowd-pleasing summer treat, predictable in its sweetness but satisfying all the same. It's like the multinationally branded ice-cream sandwich you get on any pier in the Western Hemisphere—market-tested to appeal to as many people as possible (but you don't mind gobbling up). Though the...

Skeith De Wine Turns Hate Crime Into "Positive" Art

8 years ago by Matt Coker
Santa Ana artist Skeith De Wine says he was "the victim of a gay bashing hate crime" in September 2008 that left him with severe dental damage, a nose broken in two places and a fractured skull and jaw. Before the incident, he'd made many pieces inspired by hate against...

It Must Have Been One Hell of a Party

12 years ago by Rebecca Schoenkopf
Light & Space playboys come to Irvine older, richer

OC Art Galleries Will Feature Japan, Shag and More!

6 years ago by Stacy Davies
Summer's here, it's a holiday, school is out, now it's time to play—and even if you don't know the lyrics to that famous Annette Funicello Bikini Beach theme song, you can still head down to the shores and various inland-y parts to check out the summer art fun awaiting. From...

Best of Coachella: Saturday, April 21, 2012

5 years ago by OC Weekly Staff
Meranda CarterSee also: Our complete Coachella coverage See also: *Our complete Coachella coverage*James' Tim Booth on Coachella vs. LollapaloozaSaturday at Coachella meant tributes, tributes, tributes. From Levon Helms to Biggie, everyone got a shout-out. In between all that, some nasty partying and a little recreational drug use. Read our highly-trained...


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