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The Slugger: Mark Trumbo

4 years ago by Matt Coker
The phone rings and the caller I.D. contains the 714 area code Orange Countians know so well. But the friendly fellow on the line is not in his Anaheim birthplace, Orange hometown or anywhere in Southern California. He's in Peoria, Arizona. "I'm getting situated out here, getting acclimated," reports Mark...

Today, Medical Marijuana. Tomorrow, Legalize It!

8 years ago by DAVE FERRELL
Gone to PotThink the medical-marijuana movement in California and beyond is the vanguard of a broader effort to completely legalize the devil weed? You’re right! These are not your run-of-the-mill potheads jammed into the long, narrow classroom at Oaksterdam University, a tiny campus with no sign to betray its location...


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