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10 Ways To Celebrate St. Patrick's Day in Orange County

4 years ago by Anne Marie Panoringan
If you've already partied hard over the weekend, great! Extend the celebration into the actual holiday. But if you have yet to get your green on, we've got options for ya. And I even threw in a couple of non-alcoholic ideas for you underagers...

Makeup for St. Paddy's

5 years ago by TAYLOR HAMBY
Everything's better when you add a little Irish spice to it—Van Morrison on a lonely night or Bailey's in your coffee morning, noon and night. And with a certain holiday celebrating the cultural heritage of the Land of Saints and Scholars coming up, you'll have all the more reason to...

Irish Car Bombs: The Most Insensitive Drink of St. Patty's Day?

6 years ago by Michelle Woo
​Happy St. Patrick's Eve! Tomorrow, of course, is the day for Americans to drink (and regurgitate) green beer because, well, it's St. Patrick's Day, bro! But before you embrace the cultural holiday by ordering a round of "Irish"-themed cocktails, think about this . . ...

[Sprawl of Sound] A Night at the Red Bull Music Academy in Newport Beach's Tentation Ultra Lounge

10 years ago by Dave Segal
Carbonated LeverageRed Bull Music Academy invades OC Newsflash: Capitalism can sometimes be a force for good. Take Red Bull. The energy drink company has been running a worldwide music school since 1997, offering facilities and guidance from a stable of experienced industry figures to tutor young, aspiring musicians and producers from...

Begorra! SusieCakes and Sprinkles Mark St Paddy's Day With Themed Cupcakes

9 years ago by Lesley McCave
It's never too early to start celebrating St Patrick's Day--especially when the revelry comes in the form of cupcakes. SusieCakes and Sprinkles, the OC's most famous cupcakeries, are marking March 17th with themed varieties. SusieCakes, which has a range of specials and offers during the whole of March, will be...

Huge in Europe

14 years ago by ANDREW ASCH
But DJ Josh One wants respect at home

Top 10 Americana Albums of 2008

9 years ago by Patrick Michels
Picking the best folk and Americana records of the year isn't nearly as hard as discarding those great records that just didn't feel right stuck in the category. Releases by Calexico and DeVotchKa felt far too worldly to pigeonhole as folk or country, for instance, while Blitzen Trapper's fantastic Furr...

Aching Ids

15 years ago by Ella Taylor
Love wounds in Spider and Open Hearts

Hide Your Smiling Faces

Solemnity and restrained naturalism seem like indie-movie affectations now, so the challenge for writer-director Daniel Patrick Carbone's feature debut is to transcend a certain festival-ready familiarity and simply seem true to itself. Obviously a personal project, Hide Your Smiling Faces concerns a young teenager (Nathan Varnson) and his...

Shakespeare's Globe Theatre: Julius Caesar



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