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Child Pornography of Man Sodomizing 3YO Girl Ends With Guilty Plea

4 years ago by R. Scott Moxley
Prosecutors at the U.S. Department of Justice won a two-count, April indictment and then a guilty confession from Christopher William Elmore, a parolee who downloaded a huge cache of explicit child pornography that allegedly included a man sodomizing a three-year-old girl. Elmore, who committed his crimes in Los Angeles but...

4.3 Earthquake Rattles Los Angeles: A Dispatch from the Burbank Bureau

6 years ago by Dave Lieberman
There's nothing more disconcerting than those first moments of an earthquake. Is this the Big One? Is it going to get worse?When you're almost 30 stories up in a building that's attached to bedrock (as I was), even a small earthquake, like the 4.3 earthquake that struck Newhall at 1:47...

Splendiferously Superiffic Summer Spectacular Ice Cream Eating Challenge

Splendiferously Superiffic Summer Spectacular Ice Cream Eating Challenge Anyone out there have a strange crush on Adam Richman? There’s something about watching a Man v. Food marathon that leaves us wanting to eat—well, everything we can get our hands on. Those looking to test their skills at some competitive scarfing...

Ed McKie Has Been Stymied in His Efforts to Create a Safe Space for Gay Meth Addicts in Santa Ana

9 years ago by Vickie Chang
Metheds to His Madness Ed McKie wants to create a safe space for gay recovering meth addicts in the Santa Ana Artists' Village. His efforts have gone . . . about how you'd expect If you visit, all you'll see is a white page, black text and a brief...

Richer Than Rockefeller

16 years ago by R. Scott Moxley
Argyros tells feds hes a billionaire

Misery Loves Comedy

Comedy, Documentary
"When someone's off balance, that's the best time to hit someone," Jim Gaffigan says in Kevin Pollak's chatty Misery Loves Comedy, a documentary that asks many comics big questions about the dispositions of comics -- but doesn't often enough put anyone off balance, the audience included. Pollak invites comedians to chin-stroke on the truism...


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