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Gustavo Arellano on Why OC Weekly Matters

2 years ago by Gustavo Arellano
Gustavo Arellano is editor of OC Weekly and author of the ¡Ask a Mexican! column. He once applied for a job at the Orange County Register--best non-hire ever. This saw OC Weekly when we debuted in 1995: the master-planned communities, the suburban land rolling westward wave by dense wave from...

Ted Kissell Resigns as OC Weekly Editor, to be Succeeded by Gustavo Arellano

6 years ago by Matt Coker
Ted B. Kissell informed his news staff via today's copy meeting and everyone else at Orange County's favorite alternative weekly newspaper via email that he has resigned as editor of OC Weekly.Kissell, who joined the staff weeks after founding editor Will Swaim ended his 12-year run at the helm in...

Rush Limbaugh Gets Evacuated During Hurricane Irma [OC Weekly Editorial Cartoon]

5 days ago by Gustavo Arellano
This one kinda explains itself, donnit? Even if artist Luk e McGarry wasn't such a savage that he never offers artist's statements, I wouldn't have asked him for one this time. Enjoy, and don't forget to buy earthquake insurance!...

Eat This Now: Mamey Ice Cream at La Flor de Michoacán

11 hours ago by Gustavo Arellano
Sometime next month, I’m going to appear on What’s Good in Your Hood, a food show produced by Mitú, the Latino Buzzfeed. They approached me to talk about what people usually approach me to talk about: food, gentrification and SanTana. But I was pleasantly surprised at their restaurant of choice...

OC Speakly Podcast, Episode 35: Where Is the Anaheim We Remember?

5 days ago by Gustavo Arellano
Welcome to episode 35 of OC Speakly. On this week's episode we discuss all things Anaheim. Host Gustavo Arellano and producer Gabriel San Roman shoot the shit about the hometown they remember before it began to crumble of the reign of Mayor Curt Pringle 15 years ago. Lisa Black reads...

El Taco Perrón in Santa Ana Proves Taco Trucks Should Have No Regulations Whatsoever

5 days ago by Gustavo Arellano
The Santa Ana City Council is praising itself for enacting new regulations on taco trucks that were done in conjunction with loncheros, which is kind of like the massa congratulating his slave for self-flagellation. Let the loncheras roam free of any laws! An unregulated market is what put SanTana's taco...

Does My Uppity Chicana Friend Have a Victim Mentality?

7 days ago by Gustavo Arellano
DEAR MEXICAN: I have a Chicana friend who comes from an upper-middle-class family, goes to a prestigious Ph.D. program and has never had to take out student loans or work a real job, but she is constantly complaining about how "oppressed" she is. The examples she gives are seemingly trivial...

Petition: Rename William E. Fanning Elementary School in Brea 'Cause He Was a Klan Member

6 days ago by Gustavo Arellano
No one reads the Weekly in real time, and nowhere is this more evident than in a recent petition that asks the Brea Olinda Unified School District Board of Education to rename William E. Fanning Elmentary School because he was a bona fide, verified member of the Ku Klux Klan. Their...

Tony Rackauckas and Sandra Hutchens Get Caught in Snitch Trap [OC Weekly Editorial Cartoon]

23 days ago by Gustavo Arellano
The title says it all, donnit? Now, all we need is an artist's statement from Weekly illustrator Leslie Agan, and we're good...and here it is: Oh, the tangled webs we weave... BOOM...

A Strange, Confederate Weed Grows at Santa Ana Cemetery [OC Weekly Editorial Cartoon]

9 days ago by Gustavo Arellano
For my KCRW-FM 89.9 "Orange County Line" commentary last week, I talked about the Confederate memorial at the Santa Ana Cemetery. As of that commentary, a group of people vowed to complain to the Orange County Cemetery District that they remove it, and the Cemetery District director actually agreed with...


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