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Moby Dick (1956)

Action/Adventure, Drama

Moby Dick Gets a New, Great Retelling at South Coast Repertory

7 months ago by Joel Beers
Much like all young, sturdy men with a yen for adventure, I took to the seas in my 20s by living in Seal Beach for two months, which is about how long it took me to labor through Herman Melville's Moby-Dick. It was a massive tome, and as much as...

Whale Flick In the Heart of the Sea Ain't Moby-Dick, But It Ain't Bad

2 years ago by Amy Nicholson
Years after Moby-Dick was a flop, Herman Melville visited an old ship's captain named George Pollard. Both men had seen better days. In their youth, both had sailed the seas with some success. Melville had written novels about his adventures with island girls, and Pollard had once helmed one of...

Orange County Theater Preview for 2017: Super Mario Parodies, South Coast Rep and More!

9 months ago by Joel Beers
It's the last issue of the last OC Weekly in the last year that America won't be great again, so what better time to focus our energies on what lies ahead for local theater in the first few months of the year 2017? The following is a round-up of the...

Loretta Sanchez Is Ending Her Political Career the Way It Started: As a Joke

1 year ago by Gustavo Arellano
Man, what a week Loretta Sanchez is having. On Friday, she coyly threw out there that maybe President Barack Obama endorsed Harris over her because the two of them are African-Americans. But that wasn't even Sanchez's most bewildering moment of the past few days. That happened at the opening day of the Democratic...

Bonzo Bash Namm Jamm 2014

4 years ago by Erin DeWitt
Last year's Bonzo Bash in New Jersey, a festival of drumming madness featuring some of the best drummers in rock and metal paying homage to the one and only John Bonham, was such a crazy success that SoCal demanded a party of their own. This week at the Observatory is...
Best Of Winner

Best Author

Peggy Hesketh

A writing and rhetoric teacher at UC Irvine, Hesketh's first novel, Telling the Bees (G.P. Putnam) was inspired by the notorious 1983 Bee Lady murders in Anaheim. More than 15 years in the making, it's an intriguing, well-researched page turner about a lonely beekeeper, working as both a mournful eulogy...

Why Mike Harrah is the WORST Owner the OC Register Can Possibly Have

2 years ago by Gustavo Arellano
Dear National Media: So most of you are going to be parachuting into Orange County in the next couple of weeks to report on the fiasco that is the Orange County Register's bankruptcy--their second in six years. You will no doubt encounter current Register publisher Rich Mirman, a nice-enough guy...

Brutal Killer Daniel Wozniak Calmly Watches Lawyer Slugfest Over PreTrial Disputes

3 years ago by R. Scott Moxley
It's difficult to imagine a more heated Orange County courtroom today than the one in which Superior Court Judge James A. Stotler presided over contentious, pretrial disputes in the case of People v. Daniel Wozniak, the local actor turned gory, decapitation murderer. Wozniak--merely a smiling, upbeat observer at today's hearing--long...
Best Of Winner

Best Actor

Matthew Arkin

While up-and-coming playwright Samuel D. Hunter's new play, The Whale, lacked a little meat on its bones, Matthew Arkin devoured the titular role as a 600-pound man consumed by guilt, Moby Dick and eating himself into the grave. The physicality was impressive (playing a good drunk takes more skill than...


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