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Leonardo Da Vinci

Documentary, Drama

Leonardo Da Vinci: The Genius in Milan


What Do a Santa Ana Artist, Former Orange County Curator, Leonardo da Vinci and Citizen Space Exploration Have in Common?

5 years ago by Matt Coker
A Santa Ana artist who has created an institute dedicated to the life and work of Leonardo da Vinci has joined visions with a former Orange County museum curator opening a new exhibit on citizen space exploration "to dream, conceptualize and build the world of tomorrow." You can't see the...

Da Vinci: The Genius

4 years ago by Amanda Parsons
A true Renaissance man, perhaps even the founding Renaissance man, Leonardo Da Vinci was a master of both art and science. An inventor, painter, sculptor, engineer, scientist, architect and philosopher, Da Vinci’s works continue to enchant and mystify the masses with their foresight and inventiveness. Experience his brilliant concepts first-hand at...

Da Vinci's

Music Venues

From Berkeley to Boston, Punk Icons Fight On At Its Not Dead Fest

26 days ago by Jimmy Alvarez
This year, the organizers looked towards Boston and Berkeley for their inspiration. The headliners are Dropkick Murphys and Rancid. It doesn’t hurt that they are both Warped Tour vets. Let’s start with Dropkick; mainstream America fell in love with them in 2006 when their music was featured in Martin Scorsese’s...

Pageant of the Masters

4 years ago by Jessica Ford
Pageant of the Masters literally brings art to life through an onstage collection of “living pictures.” With the expert use of makeup and costume, people are transformed into the subjects of classical and contemporary works of art. The piece is then recreated before your eyes, with help of volunteers, props,...

Inventor's Fair and Parachute Competition

In conjunction with the Discovery Science Center's current exhibit dedicated to the brilliance of Leonardo Da Vinci, the Center presents their week-long Inventor's Fair. Keep your kids' brains from turning into summertime-mush and get them to the DSC for guest speakers from the Astounding Inventors Group and local Robotics Club,...

Da Vinci Ristorante - Closed

Fine Dining, Italian

DaVinci's Ristorante - Closed

Attached to a Googie-era motel is an Italian restaurant you must have already known about. The garlic bread is homemade, and the raviolis and spaghettis rule the plate-and your appetite.
Fine Dining, Italian, Salads, Seafood


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