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Peter and the Starcatcher at STAGEStheatre Nails the Play's Carpe Diem Message

4 months ago by Joel Beers
Maybe it was Bob Dylan's 76th birthday recently, but I couldn't help thinking of the chorus from "My Back Pages" while watching Peter and the Starcatcher: "Oh, but I was so much older then/I'm younger than that now." How else to explain why a show that filled me with such...

Cure For Inaugural Hangover Is Equal-Opportunity Skewering By Play A Dolt's Only

8 months ago by Lisa Black
The Reverend Slappy White and his Comic Cavalcade of Comic All-Stars take over the Maverick Theater on Thurs. Jan. 26 with A Dolt’s Only Post-Inauguration Hangover Political Satire Pageant. That's right. When Samantha Bee's Full Frontal and The Daily Show are the only antidotes to hysteria over the coming plunder, OC is lucky to have live,...

The Drama of Math!

10 years ago by CHESNEY HIGGINS

'The Hobbit' Rings True

7 years ago by Joel Beers
The first play I ever watched was The Hobbit. And I hated it. I was maybe 10 and had already read J.R.R. Tolkien’s precursor to The Lord of the Rings and the trilogy itself, so I headed into the production at a local junior high school with great expectations. But...

'The Producers' Uber Alles!

7 years ago by Joel Beers
A chorus line of goosestepping, nubile women with swastika armbands parading onstage as a Nazi dominatrix sporting Iron Cross pasties prowls in front of them? What is this, some methed-out white supremacist séance/circle jerk? No, It’s the tune Springtime for Hitler, the climactic number in The Producers, perhaps the most...

The Maverick Theater's 'Return to the Forbidden Planet' Is Silly Summer Fun

9 years ago by Stacy Davies
Check Your Brain at the Door Maverick's Forbidden Planet is for fun-zoners only Call me completely out of touch, but I never knew that the 1956 film Forbidden Planet took its basic story line from Shakespeare's comedy The Tempest. I also never knew that in the 1980s, Bob Carlton decided...

Urine For a Treat

11 years ago by Joel Beers
This comedy musical wont piss you off


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