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Connecting Donald Trump Dots with OC's Steve Frogue and John G. Schmitz

3 months ago by Matt Coker
What do former (as in retired) far right South County disgraced politician Steve Frogue and former (as in no more) far-far-far right South County disgraced politician John Schmitz have in common? BZZZZZ! The answer is: sons who worked on Donald Trump's transition team (and still sniff around the White House)...

A Man and His Dog [Special Screenings, Sept. 21-28]

1 hour ago by Matt Coker
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. Fathom Events and Paramount Pictures added a third 35th-anniversary screening of director Nicholas Meyer's cut of the 1985 movie that jumped off the original Star Trek television series episode "The Space Seed." Longtime Starfleet nemesis Khan Noonien Singh (Ricardo Montalban) is alive and...

Black Civil Rights Group Asked for Santa Ana Police Oversight 53 Years Ago

3 months ago by Gabriel San Roman
Long before Santa Ana council members started discussing oversight of its police department this year, a black civil rights group pressed for the same reform in the wake of the Watts Riots. The Orange County Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) listed five demands during a Santa Ana city council meeting...

The Radolescents Revive OC Punk's Glory Days at the Doll Hut

14 days ago by Brittany Woolsey
The "McCartney and Lennon" of OC punk are getting back together. Rikk Agnew and Casey Royer, who performed in the Adolescents together in the 1980s, have joined forces once again as the Radolescents. The duo, which Royer gave the Beatles-esque nicknames to, along with other Adolescents alumni, will perform the band's...

Can't Be Stopped Chronicles Legendary Los Angeles Graffiti Crew CBS

27 days ago by Frank John Tristan
In the world of graffiti crews, Los Angeles' CBS (Can't Be Stopped) are the Lakers and Raiders, a team equally famous for its stratosphere of stars (Mear One, Craola) and a working-class ethos that ensures eternal respect from the streets that birthed them. You can also throw in the Kings...

Love Canal Debuts 35 Years' Worth of Material at It's Not Dead Fest

29 days ago by Nate Jackson
Love Canal used to tell crowds at backyard parties in 1982, "Punk's not dead, but we're doing our best to kill it." Thirty-five years later, it turns out punk's still not as dead as everybody likes to believe it is. The perfect example might just be this band, whose members...

Obvious the Bastard's Got Lyme Disease [Special Screenings, Aug. 17-24]

1 month ago by Matt Coker
Beauty and the Beast. It's a live-action remake of the Disney animated classic with Dan Stevens playing the young prince imprisoned in the form of a beast, Emma Watson as Belle, the first girl to visit the prince's castle since it became enchanted, and Emma Thompson voicing lovable Mrs. Potts...

Tree of Life Nursery Is Saving Our Ecosystem One Seed at a Time

1 month ago by Mary Carreon
"The summer is the most unfavorable time to plant," a young mom writes down in a small notebook as her pigtailed toddler stomps on the gravel between the white Canyon Snow Irises and the Asclepias speciosa. The latter is better known as "Showy Milkweed"—a common host plant for the endangered...

Being a National Student Poet is Not All That Makes Kinsale Hueston Unique

1 month ago by Matt Coker
How unique is Kinsale Hueston? A senior in high school, the Corona del Mar 17-year-old is the daughter of the lead prosecutor in the U.S. government's successful case against Enron. Her mother, who grew up on a Navajo reservation in Utah, where her father was a tribal leader, became the first American...

Bankruptcy May Save Bahram "Barry" Bordbar in Army Helicopter Crash Suit

1 month ago by Matt Coker
Bankruptcy may prevent engineering services company owner Bahram Bordbar of Yorba Linda from being dragged into federal court over a lawsuit stemming from a U.S. Army MH-60M Blackhawk helicopter crash that killed a pilot and severely injured two other soldiers, according to the plaintiffs' lawyer. This is the same Barry Bordbar...


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