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Kill Climate Deniers Doesn't Preach What Its Title Says, But It's Still Provocative

13 days ago by Joel Beers
It's not often that a play gets ripped to shreds by a douchebag typing for Breitbart, creates a row in the Australian parliament, and summons a small legion of climate change deniers to their keyboards, touting how much more about science they know than, you know, actual scientists. All before...

A Man and His Dog [Special Screenings, Sept. 21-28]

2 hours ago by Matt Coker
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. Fathom Events and Paramount Pictures added a third 35th-anniversary screening of director Nicholas Meyer's cut of the 1985 movie that jumped off the original Star Trek television series episode "The Space Seed." Longtime Starfleet nemesis Khan Noonien Singh (Ricardo Montalban) is alive and...

UCI Professors Request Meeting with Dana Rohrabacher on Climate Change

5 months ago by Matt Coker
Some UC Irvine professors will hand deliver a letter today on the importance of addressing climate change to Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Huntington Beach), a notorious global warming denier. "We the undersigned are calling on you, in the most urgent terms possible, to meet with us to forge a path forward in how...

Jack Johnson Embodies the Best of a Supremely Chill Ohana Fest

9 days ago by Daniel Kohn
As it tries to find its place on the overcrowded Southern California festival calendar, Ohana Fest is doing its best to be different. It’s location at Doheny State Beach makes it easy to go for a surf in the morning, and take in tunes in the afternoon. Or, if you’re...

"Evolution and Climate Change"

4 years ago by BRANDON FERGUSON
It’s pathetic that after decades of solid research, scientists still have to defend the existence of evolution and climate change. While we sit around debating established findings, super bugs and storms are preparing to topple humanity. The one upshot of these hot-button issues is they make for stellar fireworks when...

TK's Froghouse in Newport Beach Remains Surf Royalty After 55 Years by Remaining Old School

20 days ago by Arrissia Owen
Fittingly, Thomas K. Brimer gets pretty jumpy. The lean, somewhat-bombastic sixtysomething surfer with the shaggy mop of blondish-gray hair and thick, black-framed, Coke-bottle-thick glasses moves about a mile a minute through the aisles of TK's Froghouse Surf Shop. As he stealthily maneuvers the rows of wetsuits and surfboards at his...

You Can March for the Climate Two Saturdays in a Row in Orange County

5 months ago by Matt Coker
The climate is so hot right now. No, not the weather outside—although a heatwave is forecast to arrive soon—but climate is hot as in a political issue, as witnessed by all the climate change deniers darkening the West Wing and all those fearful of climate change alarmists who will be...

A Dana Rohrabacher Reader: 21 Years of Articles on OC's Grossest, Whiniest Congress-Loser

4 months ago by Matt Coker
This article features contributions from Gustavo Arellano, Paul Brennan, Anthony Pignataro, Nick Schou, Will Swaim and most especially R. Scott Moxley. We here at OC Weekly really get a chuckle out of newfound rabble-rousers who have suddenly "discovered" Surfin' Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (R-Mars) is "out of touch." And we're rolling...

Dana Rohrabacher Will Be Present at Tonight's Town Hall Without Being Present

2 months ago by Matt Coker
"In response to growing concerns about Congressman Dana Rohrabacher’s fitness to serve," rabble-rousers programmed by the Democratic Party hold a CA-48th congressional district town hall tonight in Aliso Viejo. It is a good bet Rohrabacher will not be there; he has branded constituents who have demanded public meetings outsiders or...

Huntington Beach PD Trolls OC Weekly on Twitter; Shuts Up When We Bring Up Their Dirty Pilot

2 months ago by Gustavo Arellano
This past Saturday morning, Huntington Beach took time off from arresting criminals and denying the city has a drug problem to try and troll OC Weekly over our latest cover story: a coloring book in honor of this week's U.S. Open of Surfing. We did the feature just so the cops...


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