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Fossil Fuel

10 years ago by Patrick Chavis
Shove Guinness aside: Dino Rock's A Dinosaur Book of World Records outshines any compilation of mere human competitors. There's no need to worry about any pesky coronary-inducing Velociraptors popping up in the middle of the show-this program is more Barney than Jurassic Park and is safe for all ages. In...

State Democratic Party Stops Partying in OC Long Enough to Endorse Fossil-Fuel Divestment

2 years ago by Matt Coker
Representative Loretta Sanchez (D-Garden Grove) putting her Jimmy Choo (or heap big moccasin) in her mouth while addressing American Indians at her first big coming out as a U.S. Senate candidate was not the only moment of significance at the California Democratic Party convention in Anaheim this weekend past...

Metallica's Bell Tolls Louder in Pasadena Than At Outside Lands

1 month ago by Daniel Kohn
Metallica has always been at home in front of 70,000 of their closet friends. In a span of two weeks, the metal legends performed in Pasadena at the Rose Bowl and headlining their hometown Outside Lands Festival (though, James Hetfield left the Bay Area for Colorado last year). With different...

Dead Cross Comes Out Swinging at the Observatory

1 month ago by Alex Distefano
Dead Cross The Observatory 8/10/2017 After at least a year’s worth of buzz and anticipation, Dead Cross made its live debut to a packed house at the Observatory on Thursday night, giving fans a taste of the inner frustration and anger that fueled the music- a potent mix of caustic...

Island Reggae Artist Fiji Is Bringin' Them Ocean Vibes To House of Blues

2 months ago by Frank John Tristan
It's been three years since George "Fiji" Feikoso has performed in Orange County. While best known as an island reggae vocalist, songwriter & producer because of the influence he's had on the genre, it's hard to classify the 47-year-old artist as simply "reggae" when his 23 year solo career stretches...

FYF 2017 By the Minute Review

2 months ago by Nate Jackson
FYF Exposition Park 7/21-23/2017 Friday, July 21 4:30 p.m. Waiting in line to get into FYF and the guy next to me says, "I'm just here for the lobster mac-n-cheese and more vibes." I wonder if he's here for all three days. (Cynthia Rebolledo) 5:20 Walk up to the FYF entrance gate...

Beach Fossils

4 years ago by Aimee Murillo
Beach Fossils are still pretty underrated, which is a shame since their music has the kind of energy that disperses waves of joy through your ears and a rhythm in your bones. Their newest album Clash The Truth displays this beautifully; oscillating between moody acoustic numbers and vibrant lo-fi jams,...

The Amoeba People Put the Punk Rock in Science

2 months ago by Brett Callwood
For generations, one of the most fruitless endeavors attempted by the human race is to try to make teachers cool. It’s just always been too big an ask. We’ve all had that one tryer too; the teacher who will try to use modern kid-speak but gets it horribly wrong (think...

Aloha Radio Bring About a Golden State of Mind on Their Latest Record

3 months ago by Josh Chesler
With the release of Golden State of Mind, local reggae-rock band Aloha Radio has put on display just how much they’ve grown over the last 18 months. Their latest record still contains the group’s signature upbeat poppy tunes behind Lauren Mulderrig’s catchy vocals, but Golden State of Mind also brings...

Top 20 Dead Metal Musicians We'll Mourn Forever

4 months ago by Alex Distefano
Given that there is an entire subgenre known as Death Metal, its no secret that heavy metal music can be a bit morbid, and macabre. Heavy metal artists have never been afraid to musically confront mortality, pain, suffering and other grim topics by creating music that is passionate, loud, and...


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