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Toxic Energy Prepares to Infect It's Not Dead Fest

27 days ago by Brittany Woolsey
A newer Orange County punk band is making waves, playing with legendary groups from the scene and sharing the stage with other known outfits at the upcoming It's Not Dead festival. Toxic Energy formed in mid-2016 after the reconciliation of a band, Middle Class Rejects, that vocalist Greg Dickson and...

Day N Night Is a Hit With Hip-Hop Heads at Angel's Stadium

8 days ago by Nick Nuk'em
Day N Night Angels Stadium Parking Lot 9/8-10/2017 Friday, Sep. 8 12:20 p.m. Just realized I forgot my debit card somewhere. Wonder what my durag is worth in cash... (Nick Nuk'em) 12:42 I'm just assuming every 5'0 white kid is Matt Ox. I've seen 684 of them already. (NN) 1:25...

Laguna Beach Protest a Big Victory for OC's Democratic Socialists of America Chapter

30 days ago by Gabriel San Roman
An airplane with an aerial banner reading "Hate is Beneath Us" circled around Laguna Beach on Sunday. Down below, 2,500 protesters on the main beach overwhelmed the few dozen that gathered for their monthly anti-immigrant and refugee "America First" rally. Police equestrian units separated the two sides from each other...

Being a National Student Poet is Not All That Makes Kinsale Hueston Unique

1 month ago by Matt Coker
How unique is Kinsale Hueston? A senior in high school, the Corona del Mar 17-year-old is the daughter of the lead prosecutor in the U.S. government's successful case against Enron. Her mother, who grew up on a Navajo reservation in Utah, where her father was a tribal leader, became the first American...

At Cesar's Bistro, Come for the Empanadas, Stay for the Pan-Latin Fusion

2 months ago by Sarah Bennett
Every once in a while, I find a restaurant in Long Beach that I love so much I’m tempted to never write about it. And I’m not talking about the secret garage tacos that lurk across central Long Beach on weekends, where the mere mention of their location would get...

On the Line: Chris Polley of True Food Kitchen

3 months ago by Anne Marie Panoringan
OC Weekly's Summer Fest may be over, but my coverage of participating restaurants isn't quite complete. This week's focus is True Food Kitchen's Chris Polley. Chis is a great example of a chef who can take questions I've been asking for over five years and still surprise me (in a...

United States of Enron

16 years ago by JAMES RIDGEWAY
Whether it was intentional or not, Bush family buddies at Enron pretty much ran the nation's energy policy in the early days of the Dubya presidency. During and right after the presidential election of 2000, Enron took steps in California to manipulate markets so as to deepen the crisis. An...

Fall in Love with Health

Saturday, October 7, 9:30AM @ Hoag for Her Center of Wellness
Please join The Whole Purpose and Hoag for Her Center for Wellness for the first of three events focused on women’s health and well-being through holistic wellness practices. This half day...
Classes and Seminars, Conferences, Health and Fitness, Lectures, Talks

Fountain Valley's Gaffoglio Family Metalcrafters Crafts Battery-Powered Bus

6 months ago by Matt Coker
A Fountain Valley company is creating a 42-passenger bus that will run on lithium batteries. Gaffoglio Family Metalcrafters Inc. (GFMI), a global leader in the design, engineering and development of cutting-edge prototypes and production programs for the world’s largest automotive, aviation, aerospace, rail and entertainment companies, was commissioned by Shenzhen,...

Women Grow OC Marches On After CEO Steps Down

6 months ago by Mary Carreon
Last night, the Weedmaps' headquarters in Irvine hosted the monthly Women Grow meeting—a group created by entrepreneurial women in the cannabis industry to empower other women to succeed in the business as well. The monthly gatherings are structured in a way that allows for networking and education focusing on a...


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