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Eddie Money

5 years ago by BRANDON FERGUSON
Between Adam Ant at the Grove and Eddie Money at the Coach House, OC is covered on 80's music from both sides of the pond. Money is best known for his single "Two Tickets to Paradise." But what many may not know is that prior to his career in music,...

Eddie Money

4 years ago by SR Davies
Sure, Long Island-native Eddie Money was one of the top singing-songwriting rockers of the late '70s and early '80s—but, oh, that gorgeous hair! This way hot-to-trot former policeman gave all the ladies mega chills and body thrills crooning hits “Shakin’,” “Two Tickets to Paradise,” “Baby Hold on to Me,” and...

Eddie Money

8 years ago by Lucas Vocos
Eddie Money is the absolute epitome of a guilty pleasure. Undoubtably one of the most cheeseball acts of the ‘80s—alongside Huey Lewis—you can’t help but sing along to “Two Tickets to Paradise” and pull an air guitar out at your favorite dive bar when that gem of a song comes...

Never Wear White Shoes After Labor Day [Special Screenings, Sept. 7-14]

14 days ago by Matt Coker
Extraordinary: Every Step Leads Him Closer to Home. From Liberty University's Film School, where students pray their pictures reach the end of their reels before the end of the world, comes this drama—based on real events—about a college professor and ultra-marathon runner and his wife. Leland Klassen, Shari Rigby, Karen...

Thrice Revels in Their Return to the Stage But Looks Forward to Making New Music

2 months ago by michael silver
In May of 2016, post-hardcore stalwarts Thrice, returned to the music scene after a four-year absence. The Irvine natives came back to the delight of Orange County and rock fans worldwide. Their appropriately titled eighth studio album, To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere, reminded radio listeners and music pundits...

Eddie Quiñonez, Street Scholar

3 years ago by Gabriel San Roman
The luckiest day of Eddie Quiñonez's life just happened to arrive on a Friday the 13th. It was just after midnight in mid-October 2006, and Quiñonez, a former member of the Anaheim-based gang Down Familia de Wicked Soldiers (DFWS), had spent the afternoon at a local high-school football game with...

Friends And Family of Ronnie James Dio Say, To Hell With Cancer

5 months ago by Brett Callwood
Ronnie James Dio was a larger-than-life personality while fronting Rainbow, Black Sabbath and, of course, Dio. His stature was immense, almost visibly transcending his physical height of 4’11”. It’s generally accepted that he had one of the very best voices that the metal world has ever seen, and the vast...

A Dana Rohrabacher Reader: 21 Years of Articles on OC's Grossest, Whiniest Congress-Loser

4 months ago by Matt Coker
This article features contributions from Gustavo Arellano, Paul Brennan, Anthony Pignataro, Nick Schou, Will Swaim and most especially R. Scott Moxley. We here at OC Weekly really get a chuckle out of newfound rabble-rousers who have suddenly "discovered" Surfin' Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (R-Mars) is "out of touch." And we're rolling...

Top 20 Dead Metal Musicians We'll Mourn Forever

4 months ago by Alex Distefano
Given that there is an entire subgenre known as Death Metal, its no secret that heavy metal music can be a bit morbid, and macabre. Heavy metal artists have never been afraid to musically confront mortality, pain, suffering and other grim topics by creating music that is passionate, loud, and...

These 6 Women Are Changing the Face of Orange County's Cannabis Scene

6 months ago by Mary Carreon
Ever since an overwhelming majority of California voters approved Proposition 215, which legalized the collective use of medical marijuana by patients with a doctor's note, Orange County has been on the front lines of the war to protect that right in the face of ongoing harassment by government officials. OC...


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