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WILLAM Takes the Stage for World Fabulous Drag Brunch at House of Blues Anaheim

20 days ago by Yvonne Villasenor
Willam Belli is no stranger to performing, as he has been the embodiment of glitz and glamour since he was a teenager. “I first started drag at 13 with Rocky Horror Picture Show. Before that, I’d always just put on as many loud colors and shiny things as possible. Not...

Craft Beer Long Beach Festival Is a Coming-Out Party for the City's Brewing Scene

14 hours ago by Sarah Bennett
When Dennis Trilles and his wife first started drinking craft beer seven years ago, they would turn their travels into beercations, picking cities with rich beer scenes and exploring all the breweries there. The trips expanded on the Long Beach couple’s craft beer education, which began at downtown bars like...

Dicks Deluxe [Savage Love]

4 hours ago by Dan Savage
I am a 35-year-old straight guy. I met a nice lady through the normal methods, and we hit it off and have grown closer. I think we are both considering "taking it to the next level." We are on the same intellectual wavelength, enjoy the same social experiences and have...

Mike Odd of Rosemary's Billygoat is a Funny Devil

13 hours ago by Brett Callwood
A conversation with Mike Odd, the frontman of shock-metal/punk troupe Rosemary’s Billygoat, is an experience that is both enjoyable and weirdly disconcerting. While there are still people out there who fall for the schtick and believe that Odd and his bandmates are genuine, real-deal Satanists, the man is hilarious and...

A Man and His Dog [Special Screenings, Sept. 21-28]

2 hours ago by Matt Coker
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. Fathom Events and Paramount Pictures added a third 35th-anniversary screening of director Nicholas Meyer's cut of the 1985 movie that jumped off the original Star Trek television series episode "The Space Seed." Longtime Starfleet nemesis Khan Noonien Singh (Ricardo Montalban) is alive and...

OC Speakly Podcast, Episode 35: Where Is the Anaheim We Remember?

5 days ago by Gustavo Arellano
Welcome to episode 35 of OC Speakly. On this week's episode we discuss all things Anaheim. Host Gustavo Arellano and producer Gabriel San Roman shoot the shit about the hometown they remember before it began to crumble of the reign of Mayor Curt Pringle 15 years ago. Lisa Black reads...

Villas Comida Mexicana is Where to Find Mexico City's Chili-Soaked Sandwiches in Long Beach

8 days ago by Sarah Bennett
Praise the Mexico City street food gods: pambazos have landed in Long Beach. The chili-dipped sandwiches are a puro chilango invention that’s somewhere between a torta and a French dip – if your French dip was loaded with chorizo y mashed papas and the grilled bread dunked in a smoky...

K-Pop Star Taeyang Shines Bright During His White Night World Tour

7 days ago by Alexis Hodoyan-Gastelum
A white night is a natural phenomenon in the arctic where the sun never sets at night during summer nights. Playing off of his stage name Taeyang, which means “sun” in Korean, the Korean singer shone brighter than ever before last night at The Wiltern during his first solo show...

Girls and Women and Sex [Savage Love]

7 days ago by Dan Savage
My teenage daughter just came out to us as gay. We told her we love her and support her. As a heterosexual, cisgender mother, how do I make sure she gets good advice about sex? I don't want her learning from other kids or porn. Do you know of any...

Get Ready to Testify at Horton's Hayride

10 days ago by Brett Callwood
It’s been four years since Jim Heath, the Reverend Horton Heat himself, took the initiative to found his own festival based off of the hayrides made famous in Louisiana, as well as the shows that happen regularly at the Grand Ol’ Oprey. His basic idea was to have his band...


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