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Clara Bow: Discovering the It Girl


Bonnie & Clyde at the Costa Mesa Playhouse Impresses

3 years ago by Joel Beers
It shouldn't surprise anyone that two of America's most iconic criminals, Bonnie and Clyde, received the musical-theater treatment. Not when you consider the genre has tackled, or limped over, everything from anthropomorphized cats and New York City Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia to teenage psychopaths and human-devouring plants. What is surprising is...

El Gallo Giro Brings Back its Awesome Agua de Plátano aka Banana Water

5 years ago by Gustavo Arellano
El Gallo Giro gets rightfully praised for their gargantuan tortas, their big tacos, their good made-in-store tortillas, massive panadería, and open-24-hours philosophy, but they get overlooked in the aguas fresca department. Not that the chain hides them: at their SanTana location, they have a full station serving as a bridge...

The Vanishing

15 years ago by SAMANTHA OTT
THE VANISHING Songs For Psychotic Children GSL Records The Vanishing are Goth, but not the kind of Goth that perches you over the sink in a candlelit bathroom with a razor blade against your wrist. They're more like Goth that makes you put on three extra coats of eyeliner and...

Nobody Doesnt Like Ansel Adams!

13 years ago by Rebecca Schoenkopf
The old Santa Ana Courthouse plays it nice, nice, nice

Surviving Sundance

15 years ago by RON STRINGER
The festival regurgitated

Diary of a Mad County

12 years ago by Steve Lowery
March 15 - March 21

Among the Cheese, an Art-World Crime

16 years ago by Rebecca Schoenkopf
Edgar Payne was more famous, but Elsie was Lagunas real genius

The Church of Phil

16 years ago by Rebecca Schoenkopf
Crooner Phil Shane just wants the world to love him. With his wife, Michlene, hes gotten off to a good start. And now, with a Vegas tryout, all his dreams may come true

The Other Dr. Strangelove

13 years ago by Ella Taylor
Bill Condons Kinsey, plus Finding Neverland


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