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Jim Belushi

6 years ago by Amanda Parsons
For most mere mortals, appearing in the full-length version of MC Hammer’s “2 Legit 2 Quit” music video would be the highlight of one's existence on this planet. But for Jim Belushi, it simply wasn’t enough. The comedian sibling of Blues Brother John Belushi, also acted on Saturday Night Live,...

Top Five Blues Songs According to Jim Belushi

4 years ago by Ali Lerman
Jim Belushi is a man of many trades. He's entertained us through movies, TV, in theatre, and with his incredible improvisation skills. Not to be outdone by his late great older brother John, his knack for the blues is sensational as well (see: his band the Sacred Hearts) leaving us...

Island Reggae Artist Fiji Is Bringin' Them Ocean Vibes To House of Blues

2 months ago by Frank John Tristan
It's been three years since George "Fiji" Feikoso has performed in Orange County. While best known as an island reggae vocalist, songwriter & producer because of the influence he's had on the genre, it's hard to classify the 47-year-old artist as simply "reggae" when his 23 year solo career stretches...

The Radolescents Revive OC Punk's Glory Days at the Doll Hut

14 days ago by Brittany Woolsey
The "McCartney and Lennon" of OC punk are getting back together. Rikk Agnew and Casey Royer, who performed in the Adolescents together in the 1980s, have joined forces once again as the Radolescents. The duo, which Royer gave the Beatles-esque nicknames to, along with other Adolescents alumni, will perform the band's...

Guitar Legend Carlos Santana Still Has the Supernatural Touch

14 days ago by Jimmy Alvarez
In this era of instant social media notoriety there are words, phrases, acronyms and numbers published daily that attempt to convey coolness. Sadly, the days of legit and larger-than-life artists like Elvis, Bowie, Sinatra and the Rat Pack are long gone. Only a handful of artists or bands command that...

Obvious the Bastard's Got Lyme Disease [Special Screenings, Aug. 17-24]

1 month ago by Matt Coker
Beauty and the Beast. It's a live-action remake of the Disney animated classic with Dan Stevens playing the young prince imprisoned in the form of a beast, Emma Watson as Belle, the first girl to visit the prince's castle since it became enchanted, and Emma Thompson voicing lovable Mrs. Potts...

Summit Seeker IPA by Eagle Rock Brewing AT Dutch's Brewhouse, Our Beer of the Week!

1 month ago by Robert Flores
From his backyard "Tiki bar" to the Bixby Knolls neighborhood of Long Beach, Dutch Van Fleet has  been sharing his love of craft beer, brewing his own suds at home and now at Dutch's Brewhouse he will teach you how to brew your own delicious IPA's or Belgian style beer...

Summertime in the LBC Successfully Funked Up the Queen Mary

1 month ago by Nate Jackson
Summertime in the LBC (By the Minute Review) Queen Mary 8/5/2017 11:26a.m. I feel 10 years old again in these school bus shuttles taking festival goers over to the Queen Mary parking lot. Except my fatass has to man spread to sit in these seats. (Frank John Tristan) 11:30a.m. With...

Buddy Guy Evokes the Spirit of Bluesmen Past and Present at The Coach House

2 months ago by Scott Feinblatt
Buddy Guy The Couch House 7/25/2017 On Tuesday evening, Blues fans from throughout Orange County packed The Coach House for a chance to see Buddy Guy, one of the few remaining old guard blues legends. What many of them got was an evening full of surprises, including some old-world wisdom,...

Portugal. The Man's Long Awaited New Album Woodstock Proves They Feel It Still

2 months ago by Jimmy Alvarez
Right now, Portugal. The Man is as hot as it gets on Billboard’s Adult Alternative charts. Who doesn’t take notice when someone works on something for years, and what seems like in the blink of an eye, they’re on top of the world. We’d like to think PTM is an...


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