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UCI Professor: 50 Years Later, The Battle of Algiers Remains as Relevant as Ever

12 months ago by Gabriel San Roman
If The Battle of Algiers premiered in today's War on Terror world—with its unsparing scenes of café bombings, checkpoints and home raids—Sean Hannity would probably reach out of your TV screen, Poltergeist-like, and punch you in the face for sedition. But back in 1966, Italian filmmaker Gillo Pontecorvo's epic depiction...

Battle Cries

14 years ago by LESLIE CAMHI
50 years on, a guerrilla leader revisits the fight of his life

Rocket the Casbah

14 years ago by Ella Taylor
The Battle of Algiers and the histories were condemned to repeat

Lords of Acid

12 years ago by Nick Schou
SO NOT GROOVY Thumper knew it was time to run away from home when he saw his dad's car in the driveway. He was walking home from Laguna Beach's Thurston Middle School, heading up the hill to his house, reflecting on the fact that, months after the Summer of Love,...


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