YouTube Video Shows What 2,000 Calories Looks Like

YouTube Video Shows What 2,000 Calories Looks Like

Sure, you've probably done the math in your head: You could consume about 4 Big Macs and be just slightly over the recommended 2,000 calories for your daily allowance. But how many carrots would you need to get up there? The answer: 60. How many slices of bacon? Surprisingly, 50.

And what if you could see it all laid out.

A YouTube video by BuzzFeed published just two days ago does just this: it shows with different foods what 2,000 calories actually look like. And when you see the 50 slices of bacon versus the 60 carrots, it somehow puts it all in perspective, allowing you to conclude that some foods aren't worth the 2,000 calories.

For instance, for 2,000 calories, would you rather have a whole cheese pizza? Or just 2.27 Cinnabon cinnamon rolls?

Watch it below.

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