YouTube Video: How To Win More Bar Bets

YouTube Video: How To Win More Bar Bets

You're slinging back a few at the bar. You take two quarters out of your pocket and place them on the rim of a glass on opposite sides. Then you bet your friends another cocktail that you can lift the glass only by touching the quarters. Your friends tell you you've had too much to drink. You insist you are serious and they're just chicken for not taking you up on your bet. To shut you up, they oblige. Then you put your thumb and forefinger down on the coins so that they slide down the side of the glass. You pick up the glass by gripping the coins. As you're enjoying your free drink, you remind yourself to thank the man you saw doing this trick on a popular YouTube video going viral at this very moment.

The video, uploaded a few days ago, has more tricks best attempted at a restaurant while your waiting for your order or at the bar when you're bored. It's the latest in a series of science-based bar tricks from a YouTube channel that has a few more. You hope this one doesn't get too popular, though. There's still more free drinks to win.

Watch the video below.

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