You Know What's Better Than Cheetos-Flavored Popcorn? Actual Cheetos
Photo by Mike Mozart

You Know What's Better Than Cheetos-Flavored Popcorn? Actual Cheetos

By now, you may have heard about Cheetos popcorn, one of newest theaters snacks to make buzz on the theater concession convention circuit. Adam Vary, a BuzzFeed journo, tweeted about it a little over a week ago, and earlier this week, USA Today did a nice little taste test of the popcorn (h/t FirstWeFeast). They dug it, and plenty of people have shown some interest, but before you guys get all excited, I'm going to try to burst your bubble.

Why even put Cheeto dust on top of popcorn? Why not just.. sell Cheetos in theaters. Like, why is popcorn a better delivery system for cheese dust?

Honestly, when I think about it, there's almost no reason I would rather eat Cheetos popcorn than actual Cheetos. The best part of the chip is the crunch with the corn meal, after all. Just thinking about the wimpy little mush popcorn would provide bums me out. And freshly popped popcorn at the theatre? I can't imagine steam is good for Cheeto dust.

Sure, maybe there a few advantages to popcorn over chips, such as it being quieter, but are you all really chewing that loudly that you'd bother the people around you? Popcorn's already pretty loud to eat, and if you poor the chips into a container, you're not going to worry about ruffling the bag all the time. Maybe I just don't get the hype.

What this seems to me is the food mashup crave taken to its zenith/shark jump moment (Surprisingly, the Doritos Loco Taco was not it). Sure, there's plenty of successful mashups (the Milky Bun), there's also some not so successful ones (that horrible fake churro ice cream sandwich), and once your mashups stop looking like something a stoner would come up with and start looking like something that came out of a board room, well, maybe you should stop.

Besides, white cheddar popcorn already exists people. Why would you want worst that?

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