Mariano Martinez, creator of the frozen margarita
Mariano Martinez, creator of the frozen margarita
Courtesy of Mariano Martinez

You Can Now Drink Margaritas From Outer Space, Thanks to Jose Cuervo

I began my book, Taco USA: How Mexican Food Conquered America with the scene of astronauts making breakfast burritos in outer space. I pulled back to reveal that flour tortillas are actually a favored food of NASA, and that researchers had spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to make a tortilla that wouldn't quickly spoil during shuttle missions--AMAZING!

Now, in further proof that the ultimate plan for America is to get us out of Earth and onto Mars, scientists have made a frozen margarita in space.

Okay, so technically it wasn't astronauts who made a margarita, and technically, it wasn't even outer space. But last week, Jose Cuervo teamed up with engineers to launch weather balloons as high up in Earth as possible, with a margarita shaker filled with tequila and mix.

"Severe winds at a high altitude shook the margarita and the extreme cold at the outer edges of the Earth's atmosphere froze it," reported Digiday. "When the capsule reached its apex--approximately 100,000 feet in the stratospheric layer -- the balloons shattered and the frosty beverage parachuted back to earth."

No word on whether Cuervo used blanco, reposado, añejo, or the latest aged-tequila gimmick. But given they were most likely the first tequila used in a margarita, kudos to them for continuing to pioneer achievements in the field of margarita-ology...or something. But the question remains: was the rim salted?

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