Yoshinoya Now Offers Grilled Fish
Edwin Goei

Yoshinoya Now Offers Grilled Fish

As I've said before in past posts, I've not been a fan of what Yoshinoya did to their chicken bowls. It's another case of why-couldn't-they-leave-well-enough alone. Thankfully the frilly, chewy, fat-rimmed gyu-don beef bowl hasn't changed at all. It's why I still find myself back there from time to time.

Now there appears to be something else that might soothe my soreness over the chicken: Yoshinoya is now offering grilled fish.

It is the first time that a new Yoshinoya offering has intrigued me. Their sushi boxes? I knew better than to go near it. The BBQ platters? Meh. But this? Fish that looks like it came from an unmolested fillet, served with rice, their steamed vegetables or slaw? If it was good, this could be a move in the right direction.

And it was. The fish is indeed from a whole fillet, pristine almost, and seared rather well with a slight brown crust. It rivaled California Fish Grill's standard grilled white fish, though without any of their ambrosial garlic butter sauce. The fish is delicate, just slightly wiggly, clean-tasting, and not the least bit overcooked. And for once, the meal I was served actually looked better than the picture they used to advertise it.

I suspect it was farmed Swai, though there no mention of it anywhere on their corporate website. What it did have was ponzu sauce, a fitting and citrusy condiment when the wedge of lemon they provide isn't enough.

The fish seems to come imported from Yoshinoya's new concept Asiana Grill, which opened a few months ago in Fullerton. While we're on the subject, a second Asiana Grill just opened in LA.

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