Yoshinoya Now Does Sushi?

OK. I'll admit it. I go to Yoshinoya....a lot. 

As a kid, my parents decided that their beef and teriyaki chicken bowls were a better alternative than McDonald's or Burger King. And as with anything one grows up with, it's a comfort food that's hard to shake. 

Also, it's cheap. It has rice. It has meat. And if you got the chicken bowl, you get a decent serving of veggies, eventhough it was covered in that flavorless cornstarchy goop. 

I stick with these basics. The beef bowl or the chicken bowl. That's it. When they started offering tempura and salmon, I didn't bite. 

But guess what: Yoshinoya's now doing sushi. 

I suppose it was inevitable. Many fast-food/fast-casuals do sushi. SanSai for one. But still, Yoshinoya? At the drive-thru? The whole thing just strikes me as odd. And not in a good way.

Perhaps I'm paranoid.  Perhaps, it's my belief that sushi, especially ones that involve raw fish as Yoshinoya's does, is a food best left to trained sushi chefs. Or perhaps I should just grit my teeth and try it already. I mean, what's the worst that can happen?


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