Xodó Grill Opens in Orange

Xodó Grill Opens in Orange
Carrion Fairy

Back in January, we noticed a new Brazilian barbecue restaurant hiding next to Target on Tustin Street in Orange. The workers building out the restaurant said the owners hoped to open in February; we snarkily suggested April, and we were right. Long-time Stick a Fork In It reader Carrion Fairy let us know that the restaurant has opened. Xodó may be the perfect embodiment of Southern California; a Brazilian barbecue restaurant that sells por kilo, like many of the churrascarias in Brazil--but owned by Koreans. It's not possible to get more Southern Californian than that.

Food from the hot and cold bar only (things like stroganoff and rice, and salads with hearts of palm) is $7.25 a pound; combine the hot and cold bar with churrasco--grilled meat--and your tab is $8.49 a pound. For churrasco only, it's $11.75 a pound.

Stay tuned for one of us to starve ourselves for a few days, then go visit.

2143 N. Tustin St. #7, Orange; 714-282-8026; no website.

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