Every day he's shuffling
Every day he's shuffling
Photo by Amanda DeFrancis/OC Weekly

XA Sweet & Savory Cafe Announces Second Location

We stopped by XA Sweet & Savory in Orange after recovering from a juice cleanse (more on that some other time) to refuel. In case you forgot about XA, both Edwin and I ranked it in our top five last year. It's that good.

Eventually Shawn Xa emerged from the kitchen, and he sat down to share his news. He's locked in a location for another XA that's due to launch in the spring. Plans for the sequel are plenty, but we'll start off with his coastal city of choice.

A plaza in Huntington Beach at the corner of Beach and Atlanta is currently undergoing rapid expansion. Existing eateries include SeaLegs Wine Bar, coincidentally also building out a new concept geared towards their male clientele. It is here where Xa plans to build 2.0.

Obtaining a beer and wine license, plus creating specialized brekkie menus for both Paleo and gluten-free diets are in the works. Congrats Shawn! That's two more reasons for us to make the drive come March.

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