Would You Drink Bacon Soda?

Bacon ice cream, Baconnaise, bacon cupcakes even, I can understand.  

But now it's gone too far. 

Jones Soda Co. has introduced bacon soda.  

No. Just no. 

The last thing I want to do after a long day of work is crack open an ice cold bottle of swine. Oh, and imagine the bacon burps! Sexy.   

The carbonated beverage company grosses us out each year by releasing a limited-edition flavor just in time for Thanksgiving. Last year, we got ToFurky and Gravy Soda. This year, it's bacon. 

Some brave New Yorkers sampled the soda, which is vegetarian and contains no real bacon, and proclaimed that it's "disgusting" and "tastes like swill." More than half of the 40-plus people approached outright refused to try it.

Would you? 
Hmm. I think our resident taste-tester needs to get his hands on a bottle. 

Jones Bacon Soda can be purchased in a holiday pack that includes two soda bottles, bacon lip balm, bacon popcorn and bacon gravy mix. 


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